"Experiencing the 2018 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting" -- Ana Beiriger and Julio Miranda Alban featured

Aug 23, 2018
By Katie Barkley

Left: Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Michael Levitt Right: DRSB student Ana Beiriger

Alfred Nobel signed his last will and testament in 1895, leaving much of his fortune to support what we now know as the Nobel Prizes. These have arguably become the most prestigious prizes in the world, honoring the remarkable achievements of Nobel Laureates from around the world. Each year, a group of science Nobel Laureates convene at Lindau in Germany to meet the next generation of budding leading scientists. This June, the 68th Annual Lindau Nobel Laureates meeting, which focused on physiology and medicine, brought together 39 Nobel Laureates and about 600 exceptional science students from over 84 different nations for a six day conference. Two PhD students from the University of Chicago, Julio J. Miranda Alba, a first year graduate student, and Anastasia Beiriger, a fifth year graduate student, both in the Development, Regeneration and Stem Cell Biology program, were selected through a multi-step process to attend the meeting. The central theme of the Lindau meeting is summed up by three ideas: Educate. Inspire. Connect. These three words not only foster new ideas, they also lead to reflection. These concepts, unique to the Lindau Meetings, are what set the meeting apart from other scientific conferences. Both Julio and Ana found them to hold true.

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