Leslie Cortes (King)
A role for murine Dumpy-19-1 in neocortical development, 2006
Advisor: Yimin Zou
Current Position: Senior Scientist, Sanofi Genzyme
Rodney Dale
Cardiac-Restricted Transcriptional Regulation of the FOG-2 Gene, 2007
Advisor: Eric Svensson
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Loyola University, Chicago
Ram Dasgupta
Multiple Roles for Activated Beta-catenin/Lef1/TCF Transcription Complexes During Hair Organogenesis and Hair Cycling, 2002
Advisor: Elaine Fuchs
Current Position: Associate Professor, Genome Institute of Singapore, A*STAR 
Gregory Davis
The Changing Role of Pax 3/7 Genes and the Evolution of Segmentation, 2002
Advisor: Nipam Patel
Current Position: Associate Professor (Acting Chair), Bryn Mawr College
Trevor Davis
Regulation of proliferation in the Drosophila eye, 2017
Advisor: Ilaria Rebay
Current Position: Biotechnology Investment Consultant, Lincoln Park Capital
Alexis Demonbreun
Myoferlin in Myogenesis, 2009
Advisor: Elizabeth McNally
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
Steven Droho
Respiratory and locomotor neuralcircuits use excitatory neurons of similar embryonic origin, 2008
Advisor: John Crispino
Current Position: Research Faculty, Community College of Aurora, CO
Alleda Flagg
The Role of FOG-2 in the Regulation of Epithelial to Mesenchymal, 2007
Advisor: Eric Svensson
Current Position: Hematology Oncology Fellow, Karmanos Cancer Institute
Quan Gao
Re-engineering a transmembrane protein to treat muscular dystrophy using exon skipping, 2015
Advisor: Elizabeth McNally
Current Position: Biomedical Researcher, Northwestern University
Audrey Garnatz
Elucidating the Roles of FOG-2-Mediated NuRD Complex and MTA1-NuRD Complex Transcriptional Repression in Heart Development, 2013
Advisor: Eric Svensson
Current Position: Associate Manager, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society