Kate Cavanaugh
DRSB Graduate Student, Gardel Lab
"I was first drawn to UChicago for its excellence in research and the rigorous quality of the PhD program. The interdisciplinary and intimate nature of the graduate programs ensures that students are exposed to numerous research spheres while gaining confidence in their own science. Ultimately, I chose UChicago because of the people. Students and faculty have a close-knit relationship and constant interaction, which builds a collaborative and integrative scientific community. I also found a vibrant, diverse, and supportive student body. Here, each student is invested in not only their own success, but also that of their classmates." For her innovative work on junctional remodeling in epithelial tissues, Kate has been awarded both a Ford Foundation Fellowship and an HHMI Gilliam Fellowship.
Ana Beiriger
DRSB Graduate Student, Prince Lab
"One of the biggest factors in my decision to matriculate at UChicago - aside from the research opportunities - was the collegial atmosphere fostered within my program. I was impressed by the way in which faculty and students alike were acknowledged as equally important contributors both within the lab and the classroom. Since starting here, I have seen firsthand how this atmosphere is essential to promote the open exchange of ideas that drives scientific inquiry."