Sherzod Tokamov

DRSB Graduate Student, Fehon Lab

"My first experience at UChicago was as a visiting undergraduate research student in the summer of 2015. I remember waking up every day with a sense of joy at the thought of going to the lab and working on my project in a vibrant and collegial environment. It was this aspect of the University that made me choose UChicago for pursuing my Ph.D. As a senior DRSB graduate student, I still experience all those things that attracted me to UChicago back then. The difference now is that, through rigorous training, I have grown as a scientist and have a much greater appreciation for how dynamic and innovative our scientific community is. I also deeply cherish the relationships that I have built with graduate students, postdocs, and faculty across different programs, who have been essential in making my Ph.D. experience truly transformative."

Sherzod has been awarded the NSF GFRP.